Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Yep, I'm safely back in Santa Clarita inspite of the weather's best efforts. I hit pockets of rain all the way down yesterday, even running into hail at least once and possibly twice.

Friday night, I got quite the earful. Seems things in Santa Rosa were worse then I realized by far. Mom and Dad were getting very little sleep each night, so we slept in every day and got late starts. Heck, I didn't get out of bed myself until after 9 on Saturday.

The place they have Grandma seems very nice. The staff especially. But the other residence seem much worse then she does. Still, it's the best place they can put her since she's been diagnosed with dementia.

Frankly, every time I go home it's hard. There have been so many changes in the last year. We went by Grpop's place to see the changes. It looks very nice, but it's hard not seeing Grmom and Grpop there.

Still, got to hang out with the Irwins. Had a blast at Mike's girlfriend's 21st birthday party. And Easter dinner was lots of fun with family, etc. Frankly, we were doing so much the weekend just flew by. And I had a nice lunch with Donald on the way back Monday.

And now back to the boring routin. Work, home, 24. Well, that last one's not boring. :)

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