Friday, April 11, 2003

Weather has indeed cooled off. It's still supposed to rain most of next week. Kinda makes me glad I'm not going to the Dodger game with the youth groups next Wednesday. That might turn out to be a not so fun trip.

It's official. I talked to Pete last night and I'm quitting ultimate. At least here at the college. I didn't have to name any names, he knew immediately who I was talking about. I'm kinda looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, but I also suddenly feel a huge vacumn in my weekend. Of course, Pete did invite me to play any time I wanted because the team needs me. Funny, they didn't seem to think so Saturday.

The war is winding down. Fox News will have their News Watch program on once this weekend. I can't believe how I've missed that program I found by mistake.

Wednesday brought joy to my heart. Unfortunately, the looting started right after that. Still, watching the statue come down was history in the making. And, since I'm the one with the Civil War calendar, I guess it's up to me to point out the historic significance of that day. April 9th, 1865 was the day that Lee surrendarded to Grant to end the Civil War. And now you know.

Browsing the web, I ran across this. I can not believe that a respected news organization would be willing to let their reputation go like that. What did we really learn by having reporters in Baghdad for years? Nothing! Yes, we have free press in this country. So why did they give that up to bring us lies from Saddam? Seems to me things would have been much better if we'd had no one over there because of the truth! Since all we saw was what Saddam agreed to let us see anyway, why did we need Americans showing us stuff we could get from Iraqi propoganda. I will be taking my news with the salt shaker instead of individual grains from now on.

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