Friday, April 18, 2003

This is going to be a flying post because I need to get home and pack to leave for Santa Rosa ASAP!

It's official, my high school reuinion is the same weekend as Trixie Convention and a wedding. I'm going to Trixie Convention, just want to let you all know what I could be doing. (And what was wrong with the next weekend anyway?)

Worship time was awesome last night! I actually felt like I could relax and worship, and I certainly didn't feel the pressure to keep everyone together. And that was with adding a 5th guitar at the last minute. :)

And I got great news from Dad today. They've found a board and care place for Grandma and moved her in last night. She liked the place originally but hesitated last night. Still, she say she thought she get used to it and accept it in a few days. I'm certainly not critical, this has been very hard on her, too. But this means that my parent's lives have been destressed about 1000%!

And with that, I'm out of here. Have a great Resurrection Weekend, everyone! (AKA Easter Weekend.)

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