Sunday, April 13, 2003

My afternoon yesterday went pretty much as planned. Found the tire place no problem. The only waiting I had to do was the 10 minutes for them to actually fix my tire. What a difference from Sears. Then I went home, finished my book and started another, and watch some TV. Unfortunately, there just weren't enough hours in the day for all the relaxing I wanted to do. :)

I was running late for Sunday School this morning, which was very unfortunate. Matt was planning on playing guitar with me. (I think I've mentioned this before. He's one of the jr. highers and has been taking lessons for quite some time.) But he's been doing more classical then anything else. Playing last minute with him just didn't work out at all. So we talked about how we'd do it differently so it would work out. Now, I just need to make sure it does.

Then after church I went over to the Moss's to work on stuff for Thursday night. With everyone but me (and other jr. high staffers) going to the Dodger game, parcticing Wednesday as usual just wasn't going to work. So we practiced this afternoon. Things went pretty well.

Now, I'm killing another 15 minutes before I pick up Heather and take her to the bus stop so she can go home for her Spring break. Phil and his wife and in the office, too, which really surprised me. I haven't seen Phil over here on a weekend in ages. Must be because of tax season and his extra hours for his private tax business.

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