Monday, April 07, 2003

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I'm glad to be back at work today. Now I can rest up from my weekend. :)

First off, who's stupid idea was it to sign me up for digital cable? With TV Land alone I've added at least 2 hours a day of shows I'd like to be watching. And since they aren't on at night, I'd have to record them, which means I wouldn't miss them at all. I'm already making the decision to cut way back. I want to be able to balance things like reading and computer stuff.

Pete was able to fix my home computer over the weekend. Of course, he also told me it's so out of date I should just blow it up and start all over. We'll see how much I actually use it before we decide if I'm going to do that or not.

Went to see Agent Cody Banks with Heather. So I've now been on a "date" with an engaged woman. :) Movie itself was fun once we got past the "required" bodily function jokes. And Arnold Vorhoo had a wild Mowhawk. I want a hair cut like that. :)

Sunday after church I spent the entire day watching stuff I'd recorded over the last couple of days. Man there was alot of it. And I stayed up late every night watching TV. Which is making me tired today. I'd better be responsible and go to bed early tonight so I can think clearly the rest of the week.

Haven't heard from Jeff, so I don't know if he and Jen will be over for another round of games tonight. So far the score is Jeff 1, Mark 1, Jen 0. Of course, she wasn't there for our first monopoly game Friday night.

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