Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Hm, I feel like I should have something to blog, but I sure don't.

SIM will be interested to know I did four loads of laundry yesterday. Two loads of towels (it's been a long time) at lunch and two loads of clothes after work. And no interference with other people, either. Looks like it wasn't crowded even when I was done.

Also finished Prince Caspian last night. You'd think I would have finished it by now, but with all the TV I've been trying to watch, I've hardly had any time to read.

I got the entire vision account reconciled today. And then found out the only thing we could fix Sarah already knew about. :( Still, one more account off my list to do this month. Tomorrow, long term disability.

Weather has been in the 80's so far this week. But tomorrow it starts to cool off and they're predicting rain or showers all next week. I hate to complain cause we sure need it, but I'm ready to leave the rain behind. It's spring, time for nice warm weather every day. And especially on the weekends.

That's about all I know. Back with the Thursday Threesome tomorrow morning.

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