Thursday, April 10, 2003

And now, direct from a Congressional degree, is this week's Thursday Threesome. (Sponsered by The Back Porch, of course.)

Onesome: Time to - Are you a punctual person, always on time? Or do people have to tell you that everything starts an hour earlier than it really does, just so you'll be on time? Or are you somewhere in between?
I’m usually early to about 5 minutes late. I really try to be early, but if I get distracted, then it’s probably on the late side of things.

Twosome: Spring - After a long week, what puts a spring in your step? How do you spend your downtime?
Reading, watching TV, hanging out with friends. Possibly heading to a book signing or something, although there really haven’t been too many of those I’ve been interested in recently. Basically, whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

Threesome: Forward - As we enter Daylight Savings Time and the clocks spring forward, do you like having that "extra" hour of daylight or would you rather just not mess with it? Or do you live in an area that doesn't follow DST?
My parents complain every year about how they miss that hour until they get it back. Frankly, this week, I’m hating life. But once my body adjusts, I start to feel better. And I love how light it stays late. One of my biggest problems with summer is that the sun sets before I even get off work.

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