Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Am I being lead down the primerose path?

Got a call last night from the cable company. Despite my policy against buying anything that a telephone solicitor is trying to sell me, I listened. Don't ask me why, but I did. He was offering a great deal on their digital cable company, and he claims that it won't interfer with my VCR recording like I normally do.

And there in lies what worries me. See, in spite of all the TV I watch, I'm often not home to watch it and rely on my VCR to record it for me. For example, if I'm not home on Tuesday nights, I need to record Buffy on one station and 24 on another. The cable box I currently have (so Marcus can watch the Sci-Fi channel) makes it so you can only watch one channel without physically changing the channel. If the digital cable box works the same way, then I can't record the shows I need to record. Also, I've been known to record one show and watch another one, which I can't do with my current cable box. I know this is the case with a satelitte as well.

So, does anyone have some knowledge that will help me? They're supposed to come Friday morning, but I can always call and cancel if I change my mind. The offer of finally getting TV Land is so tempting. (Just what I need, another new channel with lots I want to watch on it.)

And, in other news, blogger appears to finally be fixed!!!!! If only it stays when I send this through. :)

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