Sunday, December 22, 2002

Well, it must officially be Christmas. I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas on Friday. Followed by Muppet's Christmas Carol. Both wonderful holiday traditions.

The progressive dinner was a blast last night. Of course, at the last minute, I wound up driving, so I hadn't put any Christmas music in my car that everyone might appreciate. The kids were stuck with Point of Grace, but I enjoyed it. :) And, I got an unwanted gift from the white elephant exchange to bring next year. Plus someone brought the duck I recycled last year back this year, too. I love watching gifts go round and round. Of course, when the majority of the group in only there for two years, it makes it a little harder to keep gifts going and a little less appreciated.

Selfishly, I was very thankful I didn't have a cel phone last night. Marcus's car died on him again (don't think I posted, but it died last weekend, too.) He called for a ride home, but since I wasn't back yet, he called Dave. Dave gave him a ride, which left me time to pack. Looks like his car is toast, so if he and Dave can get the Duron's little red car running, he'll be using that temporarily. Same car they let me borrow after my accident last year.

On the Grandma front, one day she's doing great, the next she's not doing well at all. I really don't know what to expect or what's going on. But then again, the doctor's don't know either.

Sad goodbyes were said to Seth and Kiersten this morning. They leave next Sunday for Kentucky. I hate goodbyes!!!!!!

Think that about covers things here. Which means that I should post this and leave to finish packing and hit the road for my parent's. I'll try to check in once or twice over the next week, but in case I don't,


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