Friday, December 27, 2002

See, I told you I'd check in at some point this week. Friday still counts, right? :)

Things have been going pretty well here. Tuesday was a little tense due to family politics and Wednesday was hard. We stopped by the cemetary nad left a pointetta on various family members graves. It was actually very nice. Then we went down to my uncle and aunt's for Christmas with extended family. Had a wonderful day with them.

Yesterday was really really wonderful. We got up late. I was the first one up, and I got to read for an hour and a half. Then, when the rest of the family got up, we just sat around and played games. We each won a game of Rummikub, then we played Canasta. Mike and I lost, then Mom and I won.

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad did wind up having to get dressed yesterday. There was yet another problem with selling Grpop's house. They wound up going out to get the taken care of. But everything seems to be back under controll and it looks like they'll have it sold by the New Year.

And I should probably get going. Mom needs the phone again. :) Hope everyone else is having as great a Christmas as I did/am.

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