Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Last night I went over to Seth and Kiersten's for the next to last time for youth stuff. :( They're beginning to get ready and planning to sell lots of stuff this weekend. Have I mentioned recently I'm going to miss them when they go? Of course, I stayed until after 24 started, so I had to wait until 10 to watch via tape delay. Man, I'm loving this season.

There appears to be a little confusion about the trip I almost took this weekend. Thought I'd talked about it before, but then again, I sometimes wonder how any of you follow my posts. Half the time, I think I post stuff only I understand.

Anyway, the youth groups from church are going on a weekend turnaround missions trip to Tiajana, or however it's spelled. Anyway, the purpose is to build these "houses" for the poor. They really are what we'd call shacks, but the people are so grateful. Anyway, I feel useless since it takes me forever to hammer one nail in straight. Not the best use of me. I'm really glad I'm not going this year.

Tonight, however, I need to get a birthday card for Aunt Martha after work. Anyone else have relatives that you can never find a birthday card for? Maybe it's because I hardly know her. Family politics and all. Then I'm off to the Duron's for a Just for Fun. Hoping to stop by Target before I get home in time for a two hour episode of The Amazing Race. Need to get cookie sheets, etc. so I can bake some cookies for S&K's cookie party on Saturday. Not that I know when I'll bake the cookies....

I also realized I didn't revealed my "mystery" book from last week yesterday. It was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That's right, finally read it. And loved it! Laughed the entire way through. Planning on picking up the rest of the books in that "trilogy" soon.

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