Monday, December 09, 2002

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

Had a blast with Jeff on Saturday. Took us forever to play the Stock Market game, but that was because I was jumping up every 6 minutes to fool with the cookies. They kept getting a little burned around the edges, but people seem to still be enjoying them. And he did win. :( We were neck and neck. Honestly could have gone either way. Suddenly, I landed on the wrong square. Try as I might, I ended up bankrupt. Not much I could do at that point. And we hit the hot tub. Felt wonderful. I hadn't used one of those in at least a year.

My cookies weren't the hit of the party. Or the hit of the office today. Which brings me to the reason for my title. Seems I wasn't the only one making stuff over the weekend. We have way more food right now then we can eat, so I'm going to take home some cookies and take them to the party at Donald's sister and bro-in-law's next weekend. Assuming they last that long at home, which they should.

Of course, it's also beginning to LOOK like Christmas around me, too. I moved one of my end tables last night and am using it to display some decorations. Yep, everything is all in one place. I've got the ceramic Christmas tree Grandma made me a few years ago out. And the nativity scene made from Bethlehem olive wood nativity set. And the Charlie Brown Christmas scene that Hallmark put out a couple years back. It's funny. Last year, this stuff didn't get put out, but Donald and I had a small tree. This year, I'm not sure where I'd put a tree, but I have this stuff out. Maybe I'm on the two year plan?

Two of my co-workers have been working hard on decorating the office, doing a little bit more each day. It's looking great. And they hung a wreath on my door, so now I have something in my office and don't look like a Scrooge. Of course, I've been listening to Christmas music the longest, but that's beside the point. :)

The book signing was fun yesterday. Got this kid's mystery. Loved the first in the series and can't wait to read this one. Actually, got another couple books, too. Wouldn't be me if I didn't buy books by other authors not at the signing. :) And met a couple Trixie fans. Told them about Zap's. We'll see if they show up there.

Jeff didn't make it over to watch Alias last night. (I've been lax about hitting you over the head with that show until you all submit and watch it, haven't I?) So he and Jen will come over tomorrow night to watch. Which leaves me free to phone home, do laundry, and finish my book. (40 pages!) Sounds like a great evening to me.

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