Friday, December 06, 2002

It can't end like this!!!! Unfortunately, it has.

Turns out, last night was the last time Seth, Kiersten, and I will be leading worship together. Except Kiersten had to stay at work and couldn't come. And then I got nervous and messed up two songs in a row. And so 2 and a half years of ministry together in this capacity ends on a bit of a sour note. Such is life, I guess.

Donald called this afternoon while I was home for lunch. (As you probably guessed if you're already read the most recent comments.) Get this. Not only did he call to interrupt me from watching Do Over at lunch today, he also isn't planning to stay with me the next couple of times he comes down or be home when I was planning to barge in on his apartment after Christmas. The nerve of some people!

Seriously, it was good to hear from him. I'd been thinking about calling him this weekend if I got a chance anyway.

Meanwhile, I need to get to dinner so I can go grocery shopping and hopefully get everything I need for the cookies I need to start making tonight before Bible Study so I can mix them up when I get home so they can refrigerate over night and I can play ultimate in the morning before I bake them in time to take to Seth and Kiersten's cookie party tomorrow night.

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