Friday, March 06, 2009


I know I'm probably the only one who looks at the right side of my blog, but I've been playing around with it all week.

It all started when Blogrolling finally came back on line. While my blogroll has been up, the ability to add or subtract anything has been frozen for six months or so now. When they relaunched it, they gave us two options. Either A) we could deal with small banner ads at the top of each page until we click a link to get rid of them of B) pay a yearly fee. When I signed up they were great because they were the only site that would organize your blogs for you in a simple non-HTML process. Now Blogger will do that for me for free. So why pay or put up with the ads?

So Wednesday night, I took the time to import all my old blog list into Blogger service. The only problem I have with Blogger's service is that it takes up too much room. So I've reordered things a little to make it easier for me. In an attempt to cut down on space, I did turn off the option to list when the blog was last updated, but after a couple days it is already driving me up a wall. I'll probably turn that back on next week.

Part of the reason for posting this is, if I used to link you and you can't find your blog now, let me know. It was an accident, trust me.

Not having the blogs in alphabetical order will drive me crazy if I am looking for someone in particular, but it is so nice if I just want to read new posts.

And I've added a ton of friends whose blogs I've been meaning to add for months (much longer then the outage). Now I have even more blogs to feel the need to keep up with.

Not much else going on in my life. It's been a quiet week, but I am about to make up for that. Two days at Disneyland for my birthday with friends and family. Is it tomorrow yet?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mark...again!

Leslie said...

Happy (belated) Birthday. I thought about it yesterday (you and my grandfather shared the same birthday) - but was no where near a computer at the time to say so.

I just read your review of Return to Witch Mountain. I was busting up laughing. When I was little I loved the movies. They were some of my favorites. I almost squealed when I saw that they are available on DVD. I don't think I'm brave enough to watch them again - I've already ruined the memories of a few of my childhood favorites. I don't want a repeat performance. I remember wanting to be Tia and thinking her clothes were so cool. Maybe the 80's fashions at the time weren't all too appealing. LOL

Mark Baker said...

Thank you both for the birthday wishes.

Leslie, I hear ya. I made that mistake with the animated Babar movie. Wasn't nearly as much fun as an adult as it was as a kid.