Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Read It!

This being the fifth Tuesday of March, 5 Minutes for Books is hosting a carnival called I Read it. The idea is to talk about something you've read they recommended.

I wasn't even thinking about that when I read Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little, but it totally fits.

It's the last day of summer vacation, and Moxy Maxwell still needs to read Stuart Little. There will be a test on it tomorrow, the first day of 4th grade. Will she buckle down and get it read? Or will she find any way she can to distract herself?

Being a procrastinator myself, I can totally relate. In fact, I found some of her observations pretty funny.

The book is aimed at kids with extremely short chapters and black and white photos in place of illustrations. I read it in about an hour, but an early reader would need longer to finish.

About the only thing I didn't like was the way Moxy manipulated her younger sister and a neighborhood friend into doing some hard work at one point. Realistic? Probably. Good role model? Not at all.

Still, I am glad I read this book and plan to read the sequel at some point.

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