Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Palm Springs Weekend

I just love the sound of that title, don't you? Or am I just making you jealous?

This last weekend really was fun and relaxing. The only problem was it wasn't long enough.

I left work at noon on Friday. And immediately got distracted. See, I had gotten an e-mail from Borders with a coupon for 40% when you buy two DVD sets. Since I still needed Seasons 2 and 3 of the Muppet Show, I went to the Borders in town. No dice. Same in Pasadena. But I stopped at a random store along the way and found they were having a DVD clearance. All DVD's were 50% off. So I stocked up with season 2 of the Muppets (they didn't have season 3) plus the Pirates trilogy on Blu-Ray and the first season of Columbo, which I have been assured I need to see.

All this got me to Palm Springs later than I had intended to get there. But I still got there in time for dinner.

Saturday, we just lazed around the trailer. Went for a swim in the pool. They keep it so warm at the trailer park where Mom and Dad stay. It's one of the reasons they love it there.

Sunday, we headed up to Yucca Valley to visit with my friends Stephen and Natalie. That involved going to the church where Stephen is the pastor in the morning, time spent in Joshua Tree while they had a church pot luck, then games and dinner at their home. We stayed pretty late and had a fantastic time.

Monday was more swimming, then into Palm Springs for some miniature golf. Dad and I tied, so it was a good game. Last time we played, I lost by a mile.

Yesterday, we actually got up in time for a swim before I left to come home.

As you can see, it was nice and relaxing. Honestly, I wish I were still there.


Ryan said...

so that would explain your mysterious absence from the gym... hope your relaxing vacation (or should I say vacationS considering your last weekend at disneyland) refreshed you and maybe gave some much-needed rest to your shoulder...

see you back on the boards soon!!!

Mark Baker said...

Well, these trips plus the fact that I've gotten lazy.

My shoulder is feeling better but still tight. I'm beginning to think it will never heal. :(

Must go for a run after work. I've got an ultimate tournament this weekend if no other reason.