Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Nightstand - March 2009 Edition

Yes, I need to be in bed, but I'm still up so I am going to do this month's What's on my Nightstand.

I'm actually finishing up my first book for the Spring Reading Thing. Should finish it on my lunch hour (assuming I don't fall asleep from staying up so late). That's Kilt Dead by Kaitlyn Dunnett. I really like the characters, but the plot moves slowly. Yes, I will probably pick up the next one.

After that will be The Ironwood Tree, the fourth of the original Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. Then comes The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes by Marlane Kennedy. Yes, I am on something of a kid's book kick right now, why do you ask?

(And if you want to see everything I am reading for the Spring Reading Thing, check out this post.)


Anonymous said...

I'm reading a children's book right now too: 'The Mysterious Benedict Society.' I'm really enjoying it!

Good luck with your spring reading.

Nise' said...

Some of the best books I've read lately are YA books! Hope you stay awake today!

Carrie said...

Thanks for linking back to your Spring Reading Challenge post. And I laughed at your opening remarks about needing to be in bed instead of writing the post. =)

morninglight mama said...

Ah yes, the things we do when we should be sleeping! Sounds like a good line-up!

Kipi said...

I have read several YA books lately, and most of them are very good. In fact, Inkheart is way up on the TBR list.

I need to check out the Spring Reading Thing. Maybe tonight when I should be sleeping!

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

I want to do the Spring Reading Thing but have to get my list together still. Speaking of being behind, I'm just now catching up with the WOYN posts and am actually doing a giveaway as part of mine!