Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Not Sound Like a Spammer

Right now at work, I am working on contacting people who have outstanding checks that are over 3 months old trying to get them to either cash them or let us reissue them so we can clear out our records.

One former student I needed to contact now lives in Mexico. Since she has an e-mail adress listed, I thought that would be a cheaper way to contact her.

Then I stopped.

How can I word the subject line so it doesn't sound like/get routed to the spam folder? I wasn't so worried about the contents since I saw let us know and we will cut you a new check. I mean, I'm not asking for any information from her.

I'm not sure I really succeeded since I started the subject line with "Outstanding check." However, I did mention her time as a student here at the college.

If I don't hear anything back, I guess I will send a letter to Mexico and try to reach her that way.

Still, it was pretty funny when I typed my first subject line and realized how I would react to it.

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