Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Square Root Day!

Yes, I had to have it pointed out to me, but today is 3/3/9 and 3*3 = 9. I'm a geek, but I find stuff like that fun.

This weekend was productive but fun at the same time. I started with fun on Friday night. My Sunday School class got together and had a game night. Apples to Apples was included at one point, and we were laughing so hard. It's nice to work on building relationships with people on a different level.

Saturday, I never left the condo. Well, I did leave it to go for a two mile run at one point, but that was about it. Brennon and I tackled the garage. There's still way too much junk down there (most of it mine), but you can actually walk from one end to the other again, which is good since I needed to get some stuff out of it this week.

That night, I hung out with Brennon, Josiah, and a friend of theirs. We started out by watching Prince Caspian. I hadn't seen it since it was in the theaters, but I still really enjoyed it. Then we wound up down at the pool and hot tub. It was nice, except for the fact that I tweaked my shoulder. It was beginning to get better, but now it is bothering me some again. Not as bad as a month ago, but it is still frustrating. At this rate, I may never get back to working out.

But the weather was wonderful this weekend. It was in the 70's on Saturday and 80's on Sunday. I wish that was the prediction for this coming weekend.

Anyway, Sunday we only had one church service followed by a potluck lunch. Got to hang out with some members I don't see that often (and some I do), which was nice. Then Joe came over and we watched Speed Racer. Again, I hadn't see it since May, but I enjoyed it just as much the second go around.

In between all that, I also got everything of mine off the DVR! At the beginning of the summer, I recorded some movies I figured I'd get a chance to watch. Wrong! And there they've been sitting for months. A week ago, I was down to four and decided it was time to get them all watched. Of course, I've got stuff on there again, but it is so nice to have a couple of recent TV episodes instead of four movies. Even better, I've written but not posted reviews. Spacing them out one a week, I could probably last until May without having to watch another movie.

And a quick public service announcement. 5 Minutes for Books is discussing fondly remembered kids' books and hosting a contest. Check it out.


Unknown said...

HA--I saw that Square Root day on the yahoo headlines, which is pretty much my source for news if that tells you anything about me.

Mark Baker said...

Yes, it tells me that you are too busy reading to pay attention to the news. You have your priorities in order. :)