Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Power Outages and Disneyland in November

I knew there was something from two weeks ago I wanted to blog about. The extra two hours I got off work.

A week and a half ago was my allergy shot day. As I always do, I sat there and read for the 30 minutes I have to wait. As I was driving back to work, I kept thinking how much I'd love to just be able to sit down and read the final 50 pages of my book. Then I walk into work to find our power was sort of out.

In my building, we had lights but no computers. In another building, we had computers but no lights. The network was down, so even in those buildings we couldn't do anything. And in my office, one of my lights was working, but the other one wasn't.

Needless to say, they sent us home. So I went down by the pool and finish my book.

Now, let's move along to this last weekend, where I went to Disneyland again.

Mary was in Anaheim for a conference and wanted to go to Disneyland, so Angelique and I readily agreed. And we invited another Southern CA Trixie fan. Julie could make it, so we had four of us.

Angelique was able to score us discounted park hopper tickets, so we went to both parks. And, while it was crowded, we managed to do quite a bit. Definitely hit the big rides at both parks. Frankly, we did better than I thought we would. So obviously, it could have been more crowded then it was.

Plus, we finally got to eat at the Blue Bayou! For those who don't know, this is the restaurant you see when you first start out on Pirates of the Caribbean. We've talked about eating there for years. We've even tried a couple times to find that they were already booked for the day. But Angelique looked up their number a few weeks ago, called, and got us a reservation. The food was pricey (not too surprising). They didn't have much beside fish, so that part didn't thrill me. But the food was good and very filling. We all walked away stuffed. That was a highlight of the trip.

We were very fortunate with the weather. We got spit on for a few minutes (while doing the tea cups). Heck, it wasn't even heavy enough to call it sprinkling. Yet both my roommates told me it poured up here at home, including thunder and lightening. And it sounds like they got quite the storm to the east of Anaheim as well. We need the rain, but I'm glad it missed Disneyland on Saturday.

Unfortunately, I still couldn't find the Christmas lights I saw at Disney World and want to get. I guess I'll have to take a trip down in December and see if I can find them. I did find one place on line selling them, for $10 more than the park will sell them to you plus shipping. Even though it would cost me that much in gas, the principle makes it well worth driving that distance.

I haven't voted yet today. I was going to vote before work, but there was quite a line waiting to get in. Even with no line, it seems to take a while to get it done, and I didn't have the time. Hopefully everyone else had my idea and all tried to vote early so I won't have to fight any crowds this evening. (Hey, a man can dream, can't he?)


Anonymous said...

Blue Bayou always is a wonderful treat. I haven't ate there in a good long while, but always have enjoyed it. Great food, fun atmosphere, and reasonable (more expensive than elsewhere in the park, but for what your getting here, not bad).

Next time I go, I'm going for the Monte Cristo Sandwich, which I here is really, really good.

Just avoid the gumbo or the jumbalaya -- I ended up throwing it up, because it was SSSOOOOOO spiceeeey. I mean, burning all the way down and than burning the gut spicy.

I have had other good stuff there though.

Mark Baker said...

I had the Monte Cristo sandwich. Very rich, but very good.