Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irony, Thy Name is Obama

Okay, so let me see if I have this straight.

All through the Presidential campaign, we heard about how President Elect Barak Obama was the true canidate of change because of how little time he's spent in Washington.

And one of his big arguements against McCain? McCain would just be the third Bush term.

So, now that Obama is picking his cabinet, who does he seem to be selecting? Former Clinton people, including Senator Clinton herself as Secretary of State.

I guess this means that the next four years will be the third Clinton term.

Now, before anyone starts jumping on me, his choices seem qualified. I'm not going to fault him for picking them.

But really, when he tried to distance himself from everyone in Washington, including the Clintons, to run to people who served under them is very funny.


...tom... said...



...and I will just leave my thoughts at that.

It will be fun to watch this play out.


Kiefler said...

My thought comes to this:

How much power will Obama assert with his choices. Because I can understand wanting these people that he considers the best. But you would only take them if you think you can wrangle them.

If he didn't think he could he either
a) truly intends to be Clinton part 3 or b) would have chosen other people.

Anonymous said...

Even Abraham Lincoln surround himself with his political rivals. Obama is doing just that. It's a smart political move, that would be made perfect if he actually gave McCain a place in his the Cabinet.

I actually think those he is considering make sense. They are not all from Clinton's administration.

Check CNN.com. They have the names for all the spot spots. I find the UN Ambassador options most interesting.

Two reasons I think you see the Clintons are: 1.) the level of international respect they invoke and 2.) the country was fiscally strong under Clinton. Those two things, not necessarily in that order, were amongst the driving forces on Election Day.

Mark Baker said...

I agree. For a Democrat, the choices are making sense. But that doesn't cut the irony.