Monday, November 03, 2008

Life Update

So, it's been forever since I talked about life, hasn't it? And I've been busy doing stuff, too.

For example, my parents were in town the last weekend in October. We met up with Angelique and went to see Importance of Being Ernest at Glendale Centre Theatre. We really enjoyed it. Sunday was spent fighting trying to get their computer to play Blu-Rays on my TV. By the time we figured it all out (thanks to one of my roommates) we weren't interested in watching a movie any more. Did do some picture comparisons, and there wasn't as much of a difference as I expected. Not that this is going to stop me from buying a Blu Ray player here pretty quickly.

And I've been trying to keep up with TV shows. I am so ready for one of the shows I watch to be canceled. I have a list they can cancel any time they want. Yet I won't stop watching them. What is wrong with me?

Last Monday, we closed the office early to go to my co-worker's memorial service. It was hard at times, but it really did make me look forward to heaven. And it makes me wonder who non-Christians deal with death at all.

I'm saving a couple things for seperate posts, so I think I'll quite here while I'm ahead. But that doesn't mean I lied earlier. I do have other things to report.

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