Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fire Weekend 2008

As you might have heard, we had a couple small fires around here this weekend.

I thought to myself Friday night, this is prime fire weather. Super dry with a strong wind blowing. I've got to stop thinking that.

I actually didn't know about the fire in Sylmar until I went to do some shopping on Saturday. I drove out of my complex, looked up in the sky, and saw the smoke. So I turned on the radio to see what they would say, and I found out just how close it was.

I continued to moniter the news all day as best I could. When they stopped talking about that fire and started talking about the ones in Orange County, I figured nothing was being threatened up here.

The fire did move north despite the winds Saturday night/Sunday morning. It even made it as far as the canyon where I work is. But it was several miles away from work.

The fires appear to be pretty much out around here now. The winds are dead, which is always a blessing. I finally smelled smoke in the air at my condo this morning, and it was pretty strong here at work this morning, too. But it quickly dissipated and I'm not smelling it any more at all.


Anonymous said...

Did you see what happened over at Westmont? I guess students there get a two week break for Thanksgiving. They lost some dorms. Frightening to think that could happen at TMC. Let us pray that the Lord protects TMC from any danger.

Mark Baker said...

Yes, they were telling us about Westmont late last week. Scary indeed.