Monday, November 24, 2008


You ever notice how you seem to go through cycles? Right now, I am in a blog drought cycle. Despite my good intentions, I never seem to make it here to blog. Every day, I tell myself I will. But then I don't.

Part of that has been because of my reviewing storm. Every day, I have been reviewing as much as I possibly can. Fortunately, I think I've done all I wanted to get done before Thanksgiving, so I can start to relax.

Not that I've got nothing else planned for the next couple of days. I've got the Dancing with the Stars finale to blog (I'm just glad it won't be waiting for me when I get home for a change.) And I've got to pack, do one last load of laundry....

But that's all in the future. What have I been up to?

Actually, I've been hanging out with Kurt and Kellie quite a bit. And that's been nice.

A week ago Saturday, I hung out with them over at the Johnson's where I got to meet the Johnson's new son. Babies are so cute. Kurt and Kenny even joined me for the workout that day.

Then we hung out again this last Friday night with Dawn. We went to dinner and a movie, seeing Changeling. I wanted to see it mainly because it was written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Strazcynski. It was much darker than what I normally see, but I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, I went to see Bolt. Absolutely fabulous movie. So very funny but with real heart. What are you still reading my blog for? Go see it today.

Other then that, I've been keeping up with my TV shows and enjoying my new Blu-Ray player. I finally figured out the best way to hook it up to my sound system. And with the digital optical cable, it sounds amazing!

Speaking of TV, I was disappointed last week to learn that ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone. I really enjoy both those shows. I was expecting it. But it's still a major bummer. Couldn't something else from my schedule be canceled so I can still watch those two? Looks like we will get to see the filmed episodes, so it can be a long, slow goodbye.

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