Thursday, November 06, 2008


Apparently, there are already at least three Impeach Obama groups on Facebook.


The guy hasn't even been thrown into office yet. Can't we at least wait until he does something like lie under oath before we talk about that?

We may not be happy with the outcome of the election, but we've got to accept it and not jump on the other side the instant the results are in.

And yes, that applies to both sides of the aisle.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mark.

Obama has more riding on him, more to prove, and more to accomplish than any new incoming President in recent history. The expectations are quite high.

If Obama screws up at all, the GOP could regain control of the Congress in 2010. It happened to Clinton in 1994 and could happen again. On the other hand, if Obama does a brilliant job, the Dems could stay in power all eight years.

FWIW, just about EVERY president has had impeachment articles drawn up. Even Bush had some articles drawn up earlier this year, but it never was introduced in committee.

We shall see. Hope all is well.


Mark Baker said...

Really? Nearly every President? Reagan? Carter? Bush I? Ford? JFK? Eisenhower?

Considering how low Congress' approval rating already is, I don't expect them to hold on to things in 2010. I remember 1994 as well. But we shall see. It's truly hard to predict two years out.

Anonymous said...

Basically, impeachment articles are not much different than any other legislation. A Congressman has to write them up and present them to committee.

Reagan, if you remember, was embroiled in the Iran-Contra thing and the scandels associated with. If you do a little homework, impeachment was a very real possibility.

Remember that impeachment itself isn't the big thing. Clinton was impeached, just not convicted of his alleged crime. Nixon ended up getting a pardon.

It's interesting. My students were asking about it (as part of this whole student teaching thing, I ended up teaching two periods of US History in the mix) and I did a little research.

Politics is a huge interest for me and I love looking up all the little factoids.

FWIW, I would love to get Dr. Frazier's take on this whole Obama thing.

Kiert said...

Wow. Interesting. And you're on facebook? How come I've never seen you there?

I do keep up with your blog mostly, although I'm not much of a comment person. I tell Seth the highlights. Highlights is about all he has time for these days. We will both be glad when his dissertation is behind us and graduation is the next thing!

BTW, I was sorry to hear about Jim. What a loss for you all in accounting, and at TMC in general.

Hope all is well.

Kiersten :)

John Smith said...

I served 11 years swearing an oath to the Constitution. Obama was elected under our system of Government and he is MY President. I hope we don't continue to degrade that office like the media and Democrats have managed to so efficiently do the past eight years.

You would think that Bush was an axe murderer the way they talk about him. It makes me sick.

If Obama veers to the left, our system will correct him and admonish him at the polls. The party that is not in the White House generally gains seats...Bush has been in for eight years so it is only natural that the Dems took power...but it was far from being a "mandate" as many suggest. Especially considering the economy which the President gets blamed for.

If this election is read as a mandate and Pelosia & Co. try to take us too far left, the people will fix the problem in two years. I'm already looking forward to that election.