Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 22nd

As promised, we are currently running Friday to Thursday.  At some point, I'll get back on track of Sunday to Friday.

Fairly Legal - When Kate and Lauren are on the same page, you know you're wrong, so the scene in the restaurant was great.  Justin having cheated on Kate will make it interesting, and I already hate the new guy who is now a partner in the firm.  But I’m most interested to see where Kate is going to live now that her boat has blown up.

In Plain Sight - So I guess they've written Brandi out of the show, or at least most of the season.  I guess that leaves out my hope she'd get back together and marry Peter.  And they've made Marshal's girlfriend a main character.  Good because I like her.  Still can't stand Delia.  Interesting episode with the conspiracy theory.  Enjoyed having the show back.  No, it's not a favorite, but I'm certainly going to miss it when it goes.

Nikita - I figured out that Nikita was on to Carla a while before they told us for sure.  But Percy remains free.  Meanwhile, where is Alex's Mom?  And now that Ryan is free again, I hope they use him more.  This are getting into place for a great last few episodes of the season.  I wish I thought we'd get a season three.

Amazing Race - I really expected the Country Boys to be eliminated considering how far behind they were.  I'm certainly ready for the Border Patrol agents to be taken down a peg or two.  I wonder just how far apart the teams are now because it sure looks like we've got a two tier race at the moment, and if something doesn't catch them all up, it will quickly become boring.

Once Upon a Time - So much of interest in the episode.  I can't wait to see what happens next.  How does Snow get James out of the prison?  And how does Mary Margaret get off for a crime she didn't commit?  For that matter, is Kathryn really dead or not?  I'm guessing not, but then how did Regina get the heart?

Dancing with the Stars - I might be getting hooked on this one again.  I certainly enjoyed the premier.  Of course, it helped that everyone danced so well.  It will be interesting to see who does well next time (I always love it when they give us two weeks before the first elimination) and who winds up going home.

Castle - The twist with the victim not really being the victim was a surprise.  Actually, they kept me very intrigued the entire way through.  As a mystery, I'd say this was one of the better ones they've done recently.  I really did enjoy it.

Ringer - I thought pinning it on Olivia was too easy.  So, is the agents theory right that the shooting was an attempt on Bridget?  If so, what about the person who tried to kill her at the beginning of the season.  And I'm glad they brought that back up because it proves they haven't forgotten anything.  Shoboan is definitely turning things interesting with almost telling Andrew the truth.  But Juliette has spilled the beans, so what's going to happen next there.  And I'm sure that Malcolm isn't really dead, but then where is he?  So much intrigue.

Psych - That was a hoot.  I loved how they kept Shawn involved in the episode and all the twists and turns to it.  Honestly, that might be the best episode they've done for a while.

Survivor - And Wednesday was two of two with appendix issues.  I think I was supposed to feel sorry for Colton and maybe even Alicia.  News flash - I don't.  I'm only sorry we didn't get to see him voted out by all those who feared him.  The guy was a classless jerk.  Sorry, that's an insult to classless jerks.  I'm glad I don't have to put up with him the rest of the season.  Now maybe I can get to know the rest of the cast.  I'm only sorry he'll be back again for the reunion show.

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