Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 10th

The Amazing Race - I am really beginning to dislike just about everyone.  What is it with these shows and the extra drama this season?  I'm sorry the brothers were eliminated just because they were one of the only decent teams left.

Once Upon a Time - Haven't you always wondered how Grumpy became grumpy?  Okay, I haven't necessarily either, but I did enjoy this look at the character.  Plus the dwarves singing "Heigh Ho" was a great touch.  Not much on Kathryn's disappearance, but I think we'll be hearing more about that as the season progresses.

Ringer - So it's official.  Bridget has definitely gone from the frying pan into the fire.  And I'm actually thinking Shioban wasn't quite so crazy when she faked her own death.  Now I'm wondering exactly what her plan was and how she was going to carry it out all along.  And Olivia is going to be a serious problem.  Was she the one trying to kill Shioban?  This is taking yet another great twist and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Psych - Even though I've never seen The Shining, I still got many of the great references to it in the episode.  Lots of fun and plenty of laughs with a decent mystery.  Basically, the best kind of episode.

Survivor - The guys are crazy.  What were they thinking letting themselves get talked into going to tribal when they won immunity?  You never do that!  And Colton?  You need to grow up and mature enough to learn how to get along with people you don't like.  You attitude is petty and spoiled brat childish.  Grow up.

Big Bang Theory - I was laughing so hard, but then when Raj gave his speech at the end about always being the guy who got a girlfriend after Sheldon, I lost it.  Very funny episode that used all the characters in basically one story.

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