Friday, March 02, 2012

The Double Useless Review Requests

In 11 days, I got two requests from the same person.  Now, it's not that unusual to get multiple requests about the same thing as a follow up.  (I've got one coming that's a third request.)  But that's not the case here.

First game a book review request.  The author must live in Greece, and he included the very briefests of a plot teaser.  It actually reads like what might be at the very top of the back of a book, but there's hardly any detail about it.  For example, I'm guessing that it is a novel.  And it sounds like a bunch of character sitting around and learning that all religions are one.  So basically, I'll be "learning" something I believe to be a lie, and I'll be preached to the entire time by boring lectures from one character to another. Yeah, I'm going to rush out and not read that book.

Then there's the fact that I could reply to have the book sent to my device.  Sorry, but I don't have a device.

I set the e-mail aside to include in my blog only to get another one 11 days later from the author.  No, he wasn't asking if I was interested in the book.  Instead, he was asking me to listen to and rate a song he's written and posted over at iTunes.  Obviously, I'm just on a spam mailing list now because I have never rated anything there, at least that I remember doing.  And if so, it's so little I doubt my influence means anything.

While the first e-mail was poorly done but might have been interesting, the second one proves he's just a spammer who isn't trying at all to target his audience.

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