Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for January 29th

You'll notice one show that isn't on here any more.  I decided I needed to cut a show from somewhere, and since I wasn't really that into The Cape yet, it made the most sense.  But everything else on the list is certainly here for the long haul.

Chuck - They are really going serious again. There were a few laughs, mainly with the sub-plot involving Ellie and Awesome trying to come up with a name for their daughter. The rest was very serious. While I'm not worried about Casey, watching him fall was something. And I'm wondering just how far Sarah will go to the dark side before she comes back. I'm especially wondering how long they are going to keep her there since they've said they are going to stretch out the ending of this arc a little when they got a full season pick up. Very fun ride, and I can't wait for the next twist.

Castle - I knew there would be a catch to the kiss they were teasing so freely. I figured they couldn't really get them together, yet. Still, it was played so well, and Castle's reaction at the end was funny. Again, this was a serious episode with very little of the show's normal humor, but it was so good. The stakes for all the characters were real, and that's part of what made it good. Since we love the characters, we actually cared about the outcome. We felt what they felt. Are you listening out there writers? Create and build good characters, and you'll have me for many years.

White Collar - I'd heard such great things about this flashback episode. And I was disappointed. I didn't think we learned enough new stuff, although seeing the characters we know cameo in earlier versions was fun. And I suddenly realized that Kate is the same actress who played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movie. Anyway, there was some good background to the story arc, but that's about it. Especially after last week's episode, I thought it was a bit of a let down.

The Big Bang Theory (Tuesday) - I always didn't watch this one since it was a season 3 rerun, which I hope to watch on DVD soon, but I'm glad I did because it was so funny. Great lines, starting with Penny's explanation of why Sheldon has to sit in his seat and ending with her reciting the stuff in the last scene. Okay, so Penny's quite possibly a favorite character, so when she gets something like that, I especially love it.

Wipeout - You know, I figured the guy with the long legs would win. They'd be such an advantage on some of the obstacles. But that short woman was surprisingly tough. I wouldn't have been upset if she had won. And boy was it close.

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday) - Another rerun I hadn't seen. Sheldon being so fixated on what Howard had personally done to him was funny, and then he slipped in the real problems. The last scene was a classic with Howard in Sheldon's spot on the couch. Absolutely loved it.

Nikita - It is great to have the show back tonight, although I can already tell we will have a different dynamic for the second half of the season. Alex being on the outside could provide for some interesting situations. I don't really get the flashbacks, however. Did we know she was Russian before? I don't know, somehow it just seemed strange and out of place to me. And I'm wondering how Nikita will be using the CIA guy now that he's been demoted. Certainly plenty of interesting stuff to build from.

Royal Pains - The whole reality show thing was fun, and boy is Divya dropping hints that she doesn't want to leave. I was glad to see Evan's girlfriend back and not happy with how he used her to get the reality show into the club. I hope they actually build on that in the weeks to come. It will probably build to them breaking up, but I hope not since I love the character.  The show really has gotten to be about the characters' lives and not so much about the medical show of the week. Not that I'm really complaining since I love the characters.

Fairly Legal - So it appears we're going to get into some skeletons in the Reed family closet as an on-going storyline. I'm guessing there's a son that no one knows about. I'll certainly be interested in seeing how this all plays out. How Kate treats her step-mother is really shameful, although I was glad to see Kate finally admit she was avoiding the reading of the will because it meant her father was dead. It helps that I truly do like the step-mother. I noticed they toned down the Wizard of Oz references via Kate's ring tone. I wonder if song rights issues were the reason. But they make plenty of references to it in the opening credits song. Oh yeah, and there was a case this week. I felt the resolution was a bit out of right field, but I liked it. It felt right for the character. I hope that they are able to build up to those kind of resolutions better in future episodes, however.

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