Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for January 22nd

Another week, another new show.  But this time one I completely love.  But that's at the end of the post.

Chuck - Wow.  I thought I knew where that episode was going and then it went in the opposite direction.  I'll say it again.  Wow.  Yes, it was set up well so I actually believed it, but this is going to make for an interesting few weeks as Sarah works to free Chuck's mom.  And how perfect was the proposal with Morgan and Casey watching from half a world away?

The Cape - Once again, I was entertained but I wasn't exactly thrilled.  Obviously, the wife is going to keep digging into it herself and get into lots of trouble as she gets close to finding out the truth.  And Orwell is obvious the main villain's long lost daughter.  They might as well have told us to get it out of the way.  Things are going to have to pick up quickly if I am going to keep watching it.

White Collar - I had been missing this show, and the second half season premier fit the bill.  So many funny lines.  Great plot, especially the take down.  Just absolutely so much fun.  I can't wait to see next week's show.  They can put on an episode like this every week and not have the quality suffer at all, right?

No Ordinary Family - Once again, the left us with a soft ending where someone who could cause trouble for the Powells just decides not to.  Come on, let's give them some antagonists already, especially if they'll carry over for a week or two.  Meanwhile, the main story did advance, and I enjoyed seeing the kids in detention.  I just hope they start really building on that main story soon.

V - Getting a little graphic there, aren't you?  Yuck!  I'm still torn with the obsession about the soul.  It could be interesting or it could just go no where.  Still not liking this whole Tyler was messed with by the V's story.  I am glad that Chad is now part of the official group, and I found how Anna was able to manipulate things and public opinion very interesting.  Kinda like the media really does, isn't it?  And the scene at the end where Anna told Tyler she thought of him as a son while Erica was comforting Lisa to be great.  That's the kind of thing that this show has always done so well.  If the next episode lives up to the potential of the previews, it looks like it will be awesome.  Probably only move the story along some without all the twists they were teasing, however.

Royal Pains - There was a medical case in there?  I missed it because of all the fun I had catching up with these characters and their lives.  So, Jill and Hank are interested in getting back together?  What about Emily?  Divya is obviously upset.  Will this be why she finally calls off the wedding to stay on the show?  And Hank and Evan have switched sides on their dad only to have him facing major jail time.  This is all very interesting stuff.  Can't wait for next week already.

Wipeout - Okay, of all the third round things they've had, I hate the Seven Letter Word.  It's just boring.  Bring back their version of baseball already.  But I love the ski lifts.  Lots of great puns and gags as well.  I was rooting for the rocket scientist, but the dancer being the most agile didn't surprise me too much.

Big Bang Theory - This episode started out slow, but it just got funnier and funnier as it went on.  All the room hopping was great.  But the scene that took the cake was their panel.  I was about ready to die while watching that.  And can Penny get a normal person to be with her on the show?  She needs someone else, not as a romantic partner, but just someone to sympathize.

Fairly Legal - The USA Network has done it again.  I may have mentioned before that it is rare that I find a show where I am hooked from the pilot.  That's why I often give a show several weeks before I decide for sure.  I don't have to decide anything on this show.  I loved it from the moment when Kate mediated the hold up.  I was laughing and yet totally sold on her character.  The two cases she mediated during the rest of the episode were great as well, although I didn't completely love the resolution to the one.  For someone who hates conflict, it seems like she has too much of it in her personal life, but that wasn't a super big turn off to me.  All in all, I already can't wait for next week.


Kiefler said...

You were looking for something to cut to make room for reading...

I think I may have located one option.

Mark said...

Yeah, I decided after I posted this to drop The Cape.