Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Busy Week

I can't believe it's Monday and last week is behind us.  Maybe that's because I was so busy.

I've gone to two book signings in the last week.  Tuesday night Avery Aames was doing a book signing for her first mystery, The Long Quiche Goodbye.  I've been hearing good things about it, so I figured this was a good excuse to go get it.  Of course, I got three other books, so a $7 paperback wound up costing me over $60.  As an added bonus, Sue Ann Jaffarian showed up, so I got to chat with her for a while before the signing actually started.

Then Saturday at noon was a signing for Gregg Hurwitz's They're Watching.  The first is a cozy, but this is a thriller.  Completely opposite ends of the spectrum, right?  I didn't have his last book, but I got it, too, meaning I left that book signing over $50 poorer.

This weekend was also the premier of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament line for 2010.  Guess who was out the door first thing Saturday morning to make sure he got the Chip 'n' Dale limited edition set he wanted.  Yep, that would be me.  I actually made it to the four Hallmark's in town in less than two hours before it was time to leave for the signing.  I was impressed with myself.  Of course, I am now much poorer.  And with all the ornaments I've been buying on eBay in the last month, I'm going to have some big bills coming up soon.  I'm not looking forward to that.

Speaking of money type stuff, Aaron is moving back home.  Something about not finding a job down here and his girlfriend being near his parent's house.  I'm not buying these excuses at all.  He's just being selfish.  (Either that or I'm being selfish here, but we won't go there).  In all seriousness, I'm not the least bit surprised, but I'm very disappointed to see him go.

And I played ultimate Frisbee twice in less than 24 hours.  Friday night was my summer league game.  I got there very late, but the rest of my team was happy to see me because it meant we had one sub.  It was our turn to play down at the park in Venice, and they had forgotten to turn the lights on.  I always forget how bad that field is until I actually play there again.

It was our worst loss so far, losing 10-17.  However, I did feel better about how I played.  I was involved in several points and even got my first completion of the season.  That usually is the start of me playing better.  Hope that continues.

Saturday when I got back from running around to the Hallmark stores and the book signing, my roommate Mark was going stir crazy at home.  I wasn't going to go down to the pick up game, but it took about two seconds for him to talk me into it.  We both had a good time, so I'm glad I went.

And we are looking at some serious summer weather coming up.  It's looking like it will be in the 100's by this weekend.  Bring it on!

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