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Weekly TV Recap July 3rd

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Downfall - I was curious about the show, so I watched the rerun of the first episode this week. The premise is that contestants must answer trivia questions while on a skyscraper. Their potential prizes are on a conveyer belt and they fall off the edge if the contestants take to long to answer the required number of questions per round. My fear of heights got the better of me here. Normally, I can answer stuff pretty well from the couch at home (I'm sure doing that on a show would be another matter). But here I was so distracted by seeing the stuff fall I couldn't even answer half the stuff I knew. And my heart was racing and my feet were clammy. I won't be watching any more.

Wipeout (Tuesday) - I don't know what my problem was last week because I loved this week's show. Of course, I think the writing was better with all the puns and jokes they were making about the contestants. My roommates and I were laughing pretty hard at some of them, especially the new mom and the "superhero" whose power was wiggling his ears. And I was even laughing at some of those wipeouts. Definitely good times.

In Plain Sight - So sad it's the season finale already. But what a great way to finish off an already strong season. I was disappointed they didn't do any more with the Scott storyline, but where was there room? The priest plot was very interesting, and I liked how they didn't cheapen his faith. I thought when he took the collar off at the beginning that's where they were going with things, so I was glad when he went back to it at the end. And the sign Mary gave him? Priceless. Someone on the staff knows their scripture. The sub-plot with the witnesses daughter wanting to know something about her dad was okay, but the only weak point of the episode. And I loved that finale scene. It was nice to see Mary ending a season happy instead of in the hospital. Now, where will they take these characters next season? I can't wait to find out.

Burn Notice - We've had some clients who weren't thrilled that Michael was helping them. We've had some that made things difficult for him. But I do think this is the first time we've had one that was so openly hostile to Michael and his crew. And I loved it. That last scene where the client stood up for himself was priceless. And there were so many great one liners involving Michael and Fi and the assassin. I'll be very curious to see where that storyline goes in two weeks.

Royal Pains - Okay, so the cliffhanger from last week was a bit of a let down since Evan wasn't really in any danger. But it kept them in Cuba for an extra episode, and I enjoyed it. I just have one question. When will people start realizing that Hank is always right and if he thinks something is a bad idea, they will get very sick for not listening to him? Dr. Beck is going to make things very interesting for everyone back in the Hamptons. I think that's the storyline I'm most interested in seeing develop right now.

Wipeout (Thursday) - You know, they can go back to one episode a week now. That's about how often it's truly fun. Not that my roommate and I didn't laugh at some of the jokes and puns from this episode. The ad they did for the new Wii version of the game was pretty cheesy (even for this show) and not all that well done. So why am I tempted to get the game?

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