Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - July 24th

White Collar - I don't remember season one being quite this fun. Either they've improved or I was a bit of a grump. Either way, there were so many funny lines I couldn't stop laughing at times. I love Peter and Mozzie working together. And the scene where they told Diana she was going undercover as a hooker was priceless as well. I like the fact that they finally seem to be giving us a strong female character, but I think they could have done this with Natalie Morales' character from last season and it would have been just as good.

Covert Affairs - Yep, last week was definitely a pilot episode. I liked this one so much more. It's often not until episode two or three that a show begins to feel like it knows what it is doing, and I felt that here. The characters are beginning to find their place as well, which always helps. I think Annie's sister could become a one note character quickly, and I hope that doesn't happen. But I love Annie. She's trying so hard at everything, and that makes me want to root for her. Still wondering why the CIA is so interested in her ex-boyfriend, but I'm sure we'll find out right about the time the show is over. However, I will admit to rolling my eyes at the scene where Annie was trading code phrases at the outdoor market. Why do that? Why not just meet up at the CIA? That seemed more logical to me.

Wipeout (Tuesday) - I can't believe the Cuban guy didn't win. He was amazing for so far in the Wipeout Zone, but then he couldn't get the timing of the gauntlet down at all. I was disappointed that the mom didn't make it further; I had her pegged early on as well.

Psych - Another great, laugh filled episode. Yes, I know how they'd resolve the whole switching partners thing, but I couldn't stop laughing at how it all played out. I loved watching Gus and Lassiter and Shawn and Juliette working together for something different. Plus it was nice to see Gus' pharmaceutical knowledge come into play again. But the real treat was the tap dancing. Watching Lassiter was funny, but watching Gus was amazing. Dude, Dule's got some skills.

Burn Notice - I continue to find it so funny that they are under using Sharon Gless this year right after her Emmy nomination. Okay, I know they filmed these episodes before the nominations came out, but I'm finding it ironic. Having said that, I enjoyed seeing Burt Reynolds in his guest spot. Sometimes big guest stars kind of take over an episode and really slow a story down. That wasn't the case here. His character was the A story, but it still allowed the lead characters to shine. And I just love what they are doing with Jesse and the fact that Michael burned him. This is the emotional core of the season.

Royal Pains - Finally, it looks like they might have figured out what to do with Jill. I've felt like they were floundering for ways to keep her in the series this year. I like the idea of HankMed providing the medical services for the clinic. Evan seems to be getting an interesting storyarc with this fake girlfriend stuff. I'll be interested to see where it goes. And I like the fact that they aren't making the Dr. Emily Peck storyline completely predictable. I really wasn't expecting the great chemistry between her and Hank. I know she's still evil, but this is going to give them much more to play with down the road.

Wipeout (Thursday) - What do you know, a contestant I was rooting for actually won. I just loved their complaint department jokes, so I was hoping that she'd make it through every round. But I'm wondering if anyone made it safely through those stairs at the very beginning. Kinda seemed impossible to me.

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