Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for July 17th

The USA Network is back with a vengenious.  And I had a hard time keeping up with all of it.  But I made it through, and enjoyed them all.

White Collar - Man, was that fun. Trying to figure out how they were going to catch that bank thief. I reached the weak link about the same time they did. And I like how they were playing up the friendship between Peter and Neil. That's one thing I love about the show. But that last shot. Don't tell me they brought back that female FBI agent just to make her go bad.

Covert Affairs - I was expecting to be blown away, and I wasn't. It was probably the hype that compared the show to Alias and Chuck. I loved the pilots on both of those, so I was expecting more of the same. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, although it was a lot steamier than I was expecting. Definitely not the more family friendly leaning shows like they've done in the past. But I will be back next week. I have a feeling this show will grow on my quickly. Beside, I rarely fall in love with a pilot episode. It often takes me two or three weeks to really get into something.

Psych - At times I felt the show was off last season. This season is off to a great start. There were some truly funny moments that had me laughing, and the Kung Fu bits were priceless. As much as I don't like the serious, I like the fact that Juliette was still dealing with the events from last season. It provided a nice realistic touch. And I think having Shawn's dad working for the police will provide some added conflict (and a nice way to keep him involved) this season.

Burn Notice - I do find it ironic that in the episode after she gets an Emmy nomination, Sharon Gless is MIA again. I keep going back and forth about the new guy. Of course, most of it is because he's not always listening to Michael. If he'd just play things the way Michael wants them played, he'd be perfect. And boring. Both plots were great, and the twists at the end were the best part.

Royal Pains - Now that Hank has started working on forgiving his dad, Dad can go out and hurt him again. I knew it would happen, but I thought they'd play it out a little bit longer. It was great to see Tucker again. If they used him in every episode, I wouldn't be complaining at all. The devise that Hank built at the end was a bit over the top, but that's the nature of the show, especially this year. And Evan telling Divya he'll miss her when she goes was great. I'm really wondering how they are going to keep her on the show.

Wipeout - What was with all the people missing teeth? That was a bit creepy. And I missed why the one person was a jail breaker. I was rooting for the short woman, but I guess it just wasn't to be. But at least two women made it to the Wipeout Zone tonight. First time all season.

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