Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Beginnings and the Friday 56 for July 16th

Starting today, I will be doing two of these things on Friday.  Today's book is Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews.  I finished it on my lunch hour today and enjoyed it.  But these sentences aren't the best examples of why.

Up first is Book Beginnings on Friday.  And the first sentence is:

"Meg?  Are you asleep?"

Now for The Friday 56.  The idea?  Grab a nearby book and quote sentence 5 (and maybe one or two others) from page 56.  This time we get:

"Can do," Kathy said, and I could hear the tapping of keys.  I suspected Kathy had an electronic equivalent of my notebook.  "If they've already taken off, I can bring the papers out myself."
It's unfortunate that neither of those sentences really captures the whit and humor of this humorous mystery.


Stacy at The Novel Life said...

i love the title...does the cover go along with the title?

Suzanne said...

welcome to the F56! Hope you keep playing with us!

Unknown said...

Glad the book is more interesting than either the opening or the F56 sentences.

Mine's here.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Yes, sometimes the beginnings are not as great as the book. Hope you're enjoying it.

Here's mine:

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

So often the first line does nothing. But the book can still be terrific, thank goodness.

Here is my opener on Rose City Reader.

Mark Baker said...

Trust me, this book really is much better than those sentences made it sound.

And the titles in this series are fun, and the books and covers are just as fun as the titles.

pussreboots said...

Enjoy your book. I'm reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.