Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tuesday Night's Game

Tuesday night, we had a make up game for our one game that got rained out. (Tomorrow night is our final regular game of the season). I really didn't want to go after the fiasco that was last week's game. Plus, I knew there was a guy on the team that irritated me.

But I'm very glad I went.

No, we didn't beat this team this time around. The final score was 6-15. They are just much faster than us. I wasn't the only one getting beaten on defense.

But we managed to relax and have some fun. We started out tense, and they were ahead 1-7 at one point. We managed to bring it up to 4-7 before they finally brought it to half. And that was when we started relaxing and having fun.

Furthermore, the guy that irritates me was actually guarding me for one point. I caught and passed the disc on with him guarding me. Unfortunately, we turned it over and he threw the score. But after the point he complimented me on how fast I was running. Made my night.

Hopefully we can keep this positive energy going through the game tomorrow and the tournament on Sunday.

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