Friday, March 19, 2010

My Body Thanks Me for Resting

Today, I've been resting from exercising. And my body is very glad.

It started last Sunday with that ultimate Frisbee game.

Monday, I hit the fitness center on my lunch hour. I did some half hearted stuff on the weights and then used the stationary bike for 20 minutes or so.

Tuesday morning, I got up and ran 2.6 miles before work.

Wednesday and Thursday, Daniel and I ran after work. That was a very pleasant activity since it's been in the high 70's/low 80's all week. Spring has definitely hit Southern California, and I am loving it. Anyway, last night, we ran 2.3 miles.

Wednesday run was fun and different. We got dressed for our run, including out running shoes. Then we jumped in one of the pools fully clothed before we started running. Why, you ask? Because it was recommended to test out what you plan to wear at the mud run to see how it will do when wet. We only ran 1.5 miles that day. I have no idea what the people in the pool thought of us, but I got a kick out of it, if only because it was something completely strange.

Now, if you've been adding that up, you'll notice that I ran 6.4 miles in three days. Even when I was running 3 miles consistently, I was taking a day off between runs.

Last night, my legs were definitely feeling it, so instead of watching FlashForward, Daniel and I went and soaked in the hot tub. My legs felt much better after that.

In fact, they've been feeling fine today. But I'm not going to push it. I've got an ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend. I'll be playing four games tomorrow and at least two on Sunday. I'm resting today so hopefully my legs are ready to run like crazy.

In other news, I've started the roommate search yet again since Craig is moving out at the end of the month to get married.

Tuesday night, I went down to the launch party for Lisa Lutz's new book in the Spellman saga. See, I hadn't gotten enough books signed in the past week. It was fun as always. I'm just over half way through and enjoying it as always.

Speaking of books, I've got to put together my list for Spring Reading Thing. Maybe I'll work on that tonight instead of reading before Bible study.

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