Monday, January 25, 2010

Word Association For January 25th

I'm going to start this week with some word association.

  1. Food :: Delicious
  2. Death :: and Taxes
  3. Cafeteria :: Dinner
  4. Need :: Feed
  5. Born :: Identity
  6. Stitch :: in Time
  7. Badly :: Behaved
  8. Blocks :: Building
  9. Chuck :: Best TV Show on Tonight
  10. Spiral :: Bound

Seriously, if you haven't watched Chuck, start with season 1 today. That is an order!


Matt said...

I forgot to watch tonight!! :( I'm going to have to catch it on-line as soon as it is available...

The verification word below was "treag" which can be typed by only the left hand (interestingly enough left cannot be typed with just the left hand).


Mark Baker said...

You missed it, and it's not even on in my time zone for another half an hour.