Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Say It Ain't So

I think my Saturday ultimate Frisbee pick up game is dying. Only two of us showed up this week. Scott and I threw the disc around for about half an hour or so, but that was it. It's hard to do much more than that with two people. I'm bummed because this was the closest game to me I knew about, and I loved playing as much as I have been this last year. If there's a way to jump start it again, I would love to participate.

Meanwhile, I also don't get to play tonight. My winter league team has our second game tonight, but it's been rained out. It was pouring earlier this afternoon. Right now, I am looking at blue sky. It will be interesting to see if that pattern continues. We've already done this dance once today.

And boy, has it been raining. This isn't just a little light rain like we usually get. When it has decided to rain, it has absolutely poured. The street where I work is part of a flood plain, and you couldn't cross the street without wading in water yesterday. It wasn't quite as bad today, but it was getting close.

And that's why I decided not to work out on my lunch hour today. But I can do the work out I was going to do at home, and that's the plan. I promise.

Anyway, the rain is supposed to continue all week. I guess we are getting hit by four storms in a row, and we're supposed to get close to 10 inches. Frankly, if you told me we'd had that much rain already, I'd believe it. I'm worried about mud slides, not where I live or work but in Southern California in general. But we really do need the rain, and I enjoy it.

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