Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Word Association for December 22nd

I should be packing to go home for Christmas, but I am going to dash off this week's word association really fast first.

  1. Interest :: Savings
  2. Chase :: Bank
  3. Itch :: Scratch
  4. Soothe :: Comfort
  5. Lamp :: Light
  6. Tutor :: Student
  7. Nicole :: Ultimate Frisbee
  8. Sloth :: Lazy
  9. Burn :: Notice
  10. Bug :: Life

At pick up ultimate Frisbee Sunday, there were two Nicoles, both of whom wound up on my team when we broke up for a mini tournament.

And, yes, I am showing my USA Network fandome by typing Burn Notice. And my Disney geekdom by going with A Bug's Life.

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