Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Review: Homicide in Hardcover

Today's mini review is my last book from Thanksgiving (fortunately, I'm not as far behind as it sounds) - Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle.

This debut introduces us to Brooklyn Wainwright a book binder and restorer. She's just reconnected with her friend and mentor when she finds him murdered in the basement of the Covington Library. Could his death have anything to do with the Faust he was restoring for their new exhibit?

I really loved the characters here from the start. In fact, I found myself sharing Brooklyn's loss at the death, something that rarely happens when the victim is someone we just met.

However, I got frustrated with the plot. Yes, stuff was happening, but it was just that. I didn't feel like we got any closer to solving the murder until the end. Brooklyn did find the clues she needed to ultimately solve everything, so that much did make me happy.

I liked the characters enough that I'm very willing to give the series another chance.

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