Thursday, December 03, 2009

And We're Back

I had such loft plans to at least do one post while I was away for Thanksgiving. And yet here I am back in town for 48 hours, and I still haven't updated things.

The summary of my Thanksgiving? We had a great time.

Longer version? Here you go.

We did have a great time, although half the group decided to get sick. My niece might have been among them, but we couldn't tell for sure since she's only 4 months old. Dad, my brother, and sister-in-law were definitely sick. That put a damper on things a little, but since we didn't have big plans, it wasn't too bad.

Actually, we didn't leave their house too much. Went for a walk one day. Went to church on Sunday. And we were there the Sunday of the baby dedication, so we got to see my niece's dedication. And Monday I got to spend some quality time at Half Price Books. One thing I was looking for wasn't there, but I still managed to spend $25. Or is that I managed to only spend $25?

A storm was coming in as we left on Tuesday, so the first 40 minutes of the flight home were quite bumpy. Other then that, the flights were fine.

Since I cam back, I've been alternating between trying to catch up on TV and playing more Lego Indiana Jones. I've really gotten addicted to that game. Finished the Raiders of the Lost Ark levels on story mode. If I get a chance, I might try to start in on Temple of Doom tonight. But I am definitely watching the first half of the Monk finale so I am ready for tomorrow. And I'm doing a little Christmas shopping, too. So we'll just see how things develop.


Leslie said...

So I take it that you didn't get to see the snow on Tuesday? :)

Mark Baker said...

It snowed on Tuesday? I thought it was Wednesday. Either way, nope, didn't see any snow this year.

Leslie said...

I thought it had - it didn't where I am at, but I thought that's what my Dallas co-workers said. I could be wrong though :)