Friday, September 12, 2008

And the Camping Trip

As I mentioned earlier this week (and late last week, I think), I spent last weekend with my parents. But this wasn't a normal weekend trip home. We went camping in a redwood grove. Okay, so it's a state park we've been camping at as a family since it opened 50 years ago. (Note the family part. That's not me but my mom.) That means I've been going there as long as I can remember.

And it was wonderful.

Frankly, I think one reason we like to camp there is there isn't too much to do. Oh, we did hike the trails (about 3 miles total between the two) and walked around the campground many times. But the rest of the time, we played games and read. I got almost an entire 400 page novel read, in fact. And it was wonderful to just relax. Being a state park, there are fewer distractions. I wasn't getting good cell phone reception, but Mom and Dad did. But we had no other hook ups, so no electronics. And it was a nice change of pace. Not that I'm ready to give up TV and computer permenently. Just occasionally.

And the air is so wonderful there! The various trees smell so great.

Being there brings back so many happy memories.

And we sure lucked out with the weather. It was hot when we got there Saturday. Like over 100 degrees. And remember, we didn't have air conditioning. But it cooled off that night and was in the 80's the next two days. Translation? Pretty much perfect. The day after we left, the fog never burned off at my parent's which probably means the same for the campground. Which would have been a little on the cold side.

And my cough was better. Yes, I still coughed (which always freaks Mom out), but I was having spells where I coughed for a couple minutes at a time with these spells lasting for an hour or more. Translations: we all got plenty of sleep.

Believe me, it took a lot of effort to actually leave come Monday. I sure didn't want to.

Of course, Monday night I got to see my uncle and aunt and her mom. We had a great visit.

And on the way up and back I got to visit with Donald and Heather. I left early enough Friday to go to Half Price Books and play games. Donald pulled out a win in Skip Bo (and I'm still not sure how he did it). Then he and I played the Stock Market Game. I creamed him! He had a very bad start, and I got lucky early. That luck continued through the rest of the game as I avoided the squares that would have made me sell everything. Usually, our games are close with Donald pulling ahead at the end. Not so this time. So you can understand why I will not be playing the game with him ever again. :)

Since I've been back, I've jumped back into fitness. I wound up with two weeks off thanks to that cold and the trip. And boy do I feel it! I am pushing things about as hard as I was when I left, but my body ackes. I'm moving slowly again. I have a feeling just about the time I get back into it, it will be time to head to Disney World. Oh well. I guess I'll manage.

Especially if I have the stamina I did at Disneyland. Even with my cold, I wasn't that tired at the end of the day. Normally, my legs are barely moving. I felt like I could have kept walking for a long time. If that holds true for a week in Florida, I'll be very happy.


Eowyn7 said...

missing you :-)


Mark Baker said...

I really miss you, too.


Anonymous said...

It was agreat idea to go for a family camping trip during your come back home.