Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nate the Great

Yes, I am back from my weekend trip. Yes, I need to blog about it. But you'll have to wait for that. Today, I am particpating in Children's Classics and Water Cooler Wednesday. (I love combing these things.)

This month's topic is picture books. And I'm going to bring up a little known gem. At least in my mind it is a gem.

Nate the Great.

Now this may be a bit long for the traditional picture book. It clocks in around 62 pages. But every two page spread includes pictures. And the print is big. And I love it.

As you might have figured out if you spend any time on my blog (or will figure out soon), I love a good mystery. And that's just what this book is. Nate is the neighborhood detective. In this book, Annie asks Nate to find the picture of her dog she painted the day before. It's suddenly gone missing. Where can it be?

The thing is, this isn't a cheap mystery at all. Nate uses logic to eleminate one suspect. And while he goes follow one poor trail of throught, he ultimately solves the mystery with logic again. And the solution is something that kids will understand. They might even figure it out for themselves if they are smart. I didn't, but then again, I never solve mysteries before the protagonist does.

This was the first in a long running series, most of which are tagged as easy readers. My family always loved this book the best. But the others are enjoyable.

And the best part? You can get them at your local library.

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