Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Favorite Season

Over at Watercooler Wednesday, Randy asks about favorite seasons.

My favorite season is easy. Summer. There is nothing like it.

For one thing, I don't mind the heat. Granted, I am in air conditioning most of the time. But I prefer being hot to being cold. (And why do I think those words will come back to haunt me next week?)

Plus summer is when I play ultimate Frisbee the most. And I truly do love that game.

As much as I love my TV shows (and I am counting the minutes until fall premiers start), I also enjoy the break I get during the summer. It allows me more time for things like TV on DVD sets and reading.

And I absolutely love swimming. While I've been known to jump in a heated pool year round, summer was made for swimming. (And I didn't do nearly enough of it this year.)

A close second is Christmas. I love the lights and decorations and especially the music. And I live for rain in December. But as soon as we hit New Years, I'm ready for winter to be over and summer weather to come back.

With as much as I love warm weather, is it any wonder I live in Southern California?

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