Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Disneyland While Sick

So Friday I mentioned the cold I was fighting off. The bad news? It didn't go away quietly. Saturday night, it settled into my chest. Normally, that would lead to a few days (maybe up to a week) of coughing, especially while lying down at night. But because I was doing so much more, it led to more.

Sunday and Monday I spent at Disneyland with Angelique, Debbie, and various members of Debbie's family. It was great to see Debbie again. It's been over a year since she moved out of state. :(

And the park was crowded, but not quite as crowded as I expected it to be. It didn't help that they were doing the half marathon on Sunday, which added to the crowds. But I think we still go everything in over the two days. Well, I was the only one who did the Toy Story Midway Mania. And I enjoyed it again.

But Sunday late afternoon, I started to notice my voice going. Not that I let that stop me from trying to talk over the rides with my commentary or comments. Stuff like "Watch out!" Fun stuff.

But as the evening wore on, I started getting worse and worse. By the time I left Sunday night, I could barely talk. But I figured I'd be fine I've had colds give me rough voices before, but only for a few hours. I made a point of not talking from when I left to when I got there on Monday.

That only helped slightly. My voice came and went all day. Sometimes I was only talking in a whisper. But I learned just how much you can communicate with a look or motions. The worst part was that everyone was looking to me to guide them. That required more talking, or at least giving them options.

Monday night, Josh and Bonnie and their kids came down, too. It was great to see them. I just wish I could have talked.

The good news is that I am getting my voice back already. I came into work yesterday and today. I figured if I could go to Disneyland that sick, I could come into work, too. I talked as little as possible yesterday, and my voice was sounding better by last night. It's stronger today, although it still cracks occastionally.

The only thing that still worries me is this weekend. I'm supposed to go camping with my parents. One person having coughing fits that last for several minutes at a time off and on all night isn't going to be fun in a small trailer.


Anonymous said...

fresh ginger and lemmon tea...helps clear out your lungs and sooths the throat. Also if you can get your hands on 'Buckley's''s Canadian but a garenteed cure for a chest cold. (It tastes evil, but it works).

Get as much rest as you can, and you will be fine!!!

Mark Baker said...

You know, every time I try stuff like this, it either does nothing for me or makes me feel worse. But I do appreciate the thought.