Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Weekend of Ultimate

I really need to be getting to bed, but I am stopping to post this instead. What does that say about me? Never mind.

So, this weekend was St. Pat's Hat. While I have played in summer league for 8 or the last 9 years, this is only the fourth time I've gotten to play this tournament (and one of those I could only make one day.)

The weather, which had been so nice last week, turned cold and windy for the weekend. Heck, it even spit at us a little Saturday late afternoon.

But that didn't dampen my enjoyment too much. (Pardon the pun.)

I was happy to have several people on my team I had already played with. Two of the guys were on my team from this last summer and one of the women was on my first ever summer team.

We went right out there and lost our first game Saturday, but we rallied and won the rest of the games. It seemed to take me several times to finally get in the flow of things. I caught several discs, but it was the third game before I completed a pass, at least to one of our women. I also scored in our final game of the day.

And man I was sore by the end of the day. My knees hurt and every muscle in my body was telling me I shouldn't even think about going back on Sunday. So what did I do? Spend 20 minutes in the hot tub and go back out there.

Sunday, we played three games and lost two of them. After loosing in the first game of the day, we were automatically out of the running. We lost again. I seemed to be one of the few that wanted to play our final game, but we played anyway. It was against a team that hadn't won yet, and we helped them keep a perfect streak going. I played more in that game then I had all the others. It was nice and relaxed, which was lots of fun. In fact, I was actually laughing at some of the crazy stuff we were doing, like running out of bounds and then back in again.

I stuck around for the finals, which was a very good game. However, the wind was really picking up, so I got quite cold. In fact, I was rooting for the team that was ahead to hurry up and win just so I could go home and warm up. Still, it was absolutely wonderful to be out there.

And boy was I sore yesterday. I had trouble navegating stairs. And after sitting too long, I could hardly move. Last week, I read a book about self-massage, and put that into practice over the course of the day. I don't really know if that helped for not, but boy I feel so much better today. Yes, I was still a little stiff this morning, but now I feel great. Which means I should end this post so I can go to bed and get some sleep so I can get up and go running again in the morning.

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