Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Book Signings, Bible Study, and Free Weekends

If you want the short version of this post, just read my title again. :)

As I mentioned Wednesday, I went to a book signing over in Passadena. I hadn't been down there in literally years, so it was wonderful to be in Old Town again. I've got to go back soon and just walk along Colorado Blvd.

The signing was for Lisa Lutz's new book. I've got to say it always surprises me when authors remember me. I don't think I'm that memorable. Granted, I did help with her reading last year by reading a part. But still. Anyway, she remembered me, which really boosted my ego. (Not that it needs it.) I also bought a set of the new Hardy Boys books just to see what they are like. Hey, they are on sale cheap, so I couldn't pass them up.

Unfortunately, the friends I was planning to meet up with for dessert weren't able to make it due to a family emergency. That was a bummer for multiple reasons but completely understandable.

Thursday was a nice quiet evening at home where I got three reviews written.

Friday was Bible study. I wound up cutting a friend's hair while hanging out on campus waiting for the Bible study to start. And I got one more review written, too.

The Bible study itself was pretty challenging - part 1 of two about conquiring sin.

And that was the big excitement in my life. Saturday, I bought some stems to fix the three leaking faucets in the condo. Sunday I went to church and then out to Stonefire grill with friends. Other then that, I hung out and watched some movies. I love relaxing weekends.

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