Monday, March 03, 2008

Boy, are My Legs Tired

That tends to happen when you spend all weekend walking or standing. And that's what I did this weekend. I spent it when my parents and Angelique at Disneyland on Saturday and Disney's California Adventure on Sunday.

The weather was cool on Saturday. The sun never came out all day, in fact. And the fog turned to drizzle a couple times. The park was crowded, but not as crowded as it often is when I am there.

Sunday was much better weather wise. While I cooled off quickly after the sun went down, it was pleasantly warm in the afternoon.

And, shock of all shocks, Mom and Dad actually went on California Screamin'. I figured there was no way in the world I'd get them to even think about that coaster. Even after they shocked me by loving the Matterhorn (that was the only thing in Disneyland we did twice.) Mom's favorite is clearly Soarin' Over California, which is why we did it four times on Sunday. Still, we managed to get in just about everything else at the park thanks to Fast Passes.

When we got there Saturday morning, we took the horseless carriage from the entrance plaza to the castle. Our driver asked if there were any birthdays or other magical moments in the group. I said mine was next week, and he said that was close enough, so I got one of the Happy Birthday buttons. And that meant I had people wishing me a happy birthday all weekend. Yes, I liked that.

But, I am completely tired today. Hopefully, I will get some sleep tonight so I will be better rested tomorrow. My legs are fine for the most part, although occasionally they hurt, especially if I've been sitting for a while.

Was it worth it? Of course, it's Disney after all.


Kiert said...

I was just thinking the other day that it's going to be a long time until we get to "do Disney" like we used to. Sounds like so much fun!

Mark said...

Well, you know, if you moved back to Southern California, you'd have more opportunities.

I'm just saying. :)