Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's that in the sky?

Something's wrong! The sky has gone from blue to grey and there's something bright shining up there. And nothing wet is falling from it. What can it be?

Yep, the storm is finally moving on. After almost a week of cloudy skies and no stop rain, we have sunshine. And I've got to say it feels wonderful. Walked down to the bookstore on campus without my coat on today, even.

We need some sunshine. It's getting scary around here again. Mudslides, flooding (including a major freeway), accidents. As much as I enjoy rain in the winter, I'm quite happy to see the storm passing.

Plus, my garage door took on too much water again, and won't open. Maybe I can park my car there instead of the street tonight!

So what else has been happening in my life?

Saturday was my turn to host the game night again. Went well, although one roommate was cleaning his stuff up just after everyone got there. Still, I didn't have to clean the entire condo myself. Only four of us were there, and we played Hear Me Out. Fun game. Especially since I won both times.

Sunday was church stuff, including a SNYF that night.

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off and met with my first head hunting firm. Seemed nice, but most of their jobs were further away then I wanted. Today, I called back several companies, most of which were temp to hire, and I want direct hire since I already have a job I like. I'm meeting with someone else tomorrow afternoon. He's talking about jobs in the northern San Fernando Valley, which would be second choice on location, so hopefully things work out.

Book blogging. Over the weekend, I finished Sit, Stay, Slay. I wanted to like the book more then I did. The plot was slow, however, with a quick rush to the end and no real clues.

Now I'm working on I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason. This book is about a biographer researching Perry Mason's creator and getting involved in a 50 year old case that the author never got around to investigating. So far, it's intriging, although I'm still not sure how I feel about the characters. Still, I have a hard time putting it down each night, even when I'm dead tired.

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